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About Szydłowiec

Opublikowano: 07 June 2017

Szydłowiec is situated in the southern part of the Mazovian Province in the district of Szydłowiec. The area of the district is 13,815 ha. The population of the town is 12 thousand and that of the whole district - made up of the town and 22 villages - is 19 thousand.
Szydłowiec is over 600 years old and has rich handicraft traditions, in particular in the mining and processing of sandstone which is its great natural wealth.

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Szydłowiec is conveniently located 120 km south of Warsaw by the European route E77. Its communication network is complemented by the province road 727 as well as many municipality and district roads. 30 km to the north there is Radom Airport (also known as Radom -Sadkow Airport) and 100 km further north is Chopin Airport in Warsaw. Not far from the town there is a railroad line linking Warsaw and Cracow and there is a railroad station (3 km from the investment areas).

Now in the district of Szydłowiec a crucial road investment is under way – the express road S7 is being built. The road will significantly facilitate connections between Warsaw and Cracow. In the vicinity of Szydłowiec there will be located 3 transportation hubs (scheduled to be completed  in mid-2017).

The district of Szydłowiec is an area of high tourism potential. The historical sights coupled with the beautiful countryside and a wide range of accommodation facilities make it a perfect area for people who enjoy visiting places full of exciting history as well as those who like active forms of leisure. Szydłowiec has a long tradition of mining and processing sandstone – its great natural wealth. Today stonemasonry is a thriving branch of local businesses.

Within the borders of Szydłowiec there is a subzone of the Special Economic Zone -Starachowice of which 80 percent is in use now.

Next to the industrial area there is a business incubator and a local investor service center.