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Loyalty program

Opublikowano: 22 May 2017

In order to meet the expectations of entrepreneurs in the area of the Municipality of Szydłowiec the Mayor of Szydłowiec has launched a loyalty program - “You live in Szydłowiec, you buy in Szydłowiec Card”. The Card is available to any adult who lives in the area of the Municipality of Szydłowiec and pays taxes at the Tax Office in Szydłowiec. Card holders receive attractive discounts. Increased interest in discount goods and services results in the bigger turnover which means bigger incomes for the sales outlets. Moreover, information about partner companies on the website of the Town Council of Szydłowiec as well as labelling the outlets with the project logo improve the promotion and the image of the company. The participation in the program both for the entrepreneurs and the residents is free.

Detailed information can be found at: