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Opublikowano: 22 May 2017

PAIHThe Polish Agency of Trade and Investment (Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu) helps investors enter the Polish market and make the best use of the opportunities it offers. It guides investors through all the necessary administrative and legal procedures that are required when carrying out the project as well as assists companies that are already operating here. It offers fast access to comprehensive information about the business and legal environment of the investment and assistance in finding the appropriate partners and suppliers as well as the location. PAIiH’s mission is also to create a positive image of Poland worldwide and to promote Polish products and services.

logo ministerstwo rozwojuThe Ministry of Development is responsible - among other things - for implementing the social and economic development strategy, economic policies as well as the management of implementing European funds .The Ministry of Development’s specific tasks include matters falling within the scope of government administration departments: the department of regional development and the department of economy. The department of regional development includes among other things programming and coordination of development policies as well as the management of the system of European funds. The department of economy includes: economic competitiveness, economic cooperation with foreign partners, industrial property, innovation, economic activity, promotion of Polish economy at home and abroad as well as cooperation with local business organizations.

logo ARMSAThe Agency for Development of Mazovia Plc. (Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza S.A.) is an organization that integrates and coordinates initiatives, projects as well as competitions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Mazovia. The Agency operates towards increasing the competitiveness and innovation capacity of Mazovian economy. The Agency takes all practicable measures to ensure the development of necessary tools and instruments to attain the objectives pursued. The Agency’s aim is to achieve a position of leadership in supporting regional development in the Province of Mazovia. The fundamental tasks of the Agency for Development of Mazovia Plc. are the implementation of eDevelopment strategy of the Region of Mazovia, development of human resources, economic promotion of the region, servicing investors and exporters as well as projects related to revitalization and consulting.

logo parpThe Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości) is committed to implementing national and international projects, supported by structural funds, the budget of the member state and multiannual programs of the European Commission. PARP is actively involved in preparing and implementing the State policy towards entrepreneurship, innovations and adaptability of employees with a view to becoming the key institution creating environments that support entrepreneurs. In accordance with the “Think Small First principle” – “First of all SMEs” all the activities of the Agency are implemented with a clear emphasis on the needs of the SME sector.


Logo BGKBank Gospodarstwa Krajowego - the only institution of this kind in Poland - is a Polish national development bank. BGK’s primary business objective is to support the economic development of the country and raise the living standards of Poles. By benefiting from being state-owned, quite big and very stable, the Bank participates in financing the biggest infrastructural projects and stimulates the growth of companies at home and in foreign markets. BGK works looking to the future without being afraid of long-term investments. Without counting every penny, it encourages others to participate in ambitious projects. The Bank effectively supports entrepreneurship, which it considers Poland’s key national asset.


logo SSE

Starachowice (Special Economic Zone – Starachowice)



Logo fundusze


Local European Funds Information Point in Radom