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Biggest companies

Opublikowano: 22 May 2017

arisPPUiH ARIS []
The ARIS Production Services and Trade Company (Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe i Handlowe „ARIS” Bolesław Kazimierz Stępień).The company was founded in 1996 and is today a major manufacturer and distributor of protective and work clothes and footwear as well as personal protective equipment. The company cooperates with partners all over the world (including MTS, 3M and Peltor).


comesCOMES Sokołowscy Sp. J. Spółka []
Comes is one of the leading manufacturers of playgrounds. Its head office is at ul. Kościuszki 128A and the company itself is located at Sadek, a locality near Szydłowiec. The playgrounds as well as sports and recreational areas created by Comes can be seen all over the country and abroad.


peterstarPETER-STAR Sp. z o.o i Sp. – Sp. K. []
Peter-Star is a company which carries out all kinds of oversize wheel and combined shipments (inland, sea and rail). It provides services all over Europe as well as Russia. The company has at its disposal a modern fleet of vehicles. Its head office and transport base are located at ul. Kolejowa 86 in Szydłowiec.


ProfelPROFEL Sp. z o.o. (The Industrial Electronics Company Ltd.) []
Specializes in manufacturing casings and enclosures extensively used in industrial automatics and mobile telephony, but first of all it manufactures components of enclosures in server rooms. In addition, it manufactures: components for energy distribution substations, mechanics for household appliances, parts and components for machines and mechanical structures. In the course of its activity it offers a wide range of industrial services including mechanical and plastic processing as well as surface and heat treatment. The company’s head office is at ul. Kolejowa 36 in Szydłowiec.


ToolmexTOOLMEX-TRUCK Sp. z o.o. (TOOLMEX-TRUCK Ltd.) []
It's main activity is selling and servicing forklift trucks and their spare parts. Its main technical, trade, service and repair depot is Zakład Wózków Widłowych i Urządzeń Magazynowych (the Forklift Truck and Storage Equipment Company) in Szydłowiec. There are two production and repair halls, each over 2500 m2 in area and equipped with all-round professional units and tools necessary for servicing and repairing forklift trucks. The company is located at ul. Metalowa 7B.